Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dior Gray - Mistake or Triumph?

This winter, tired of the wedgewood blue walls of my living room, I thought I would try to modernize the space more by painting it gray. I was transfixed by Pratt and Lambert's Rialto when I saw it on the walls at Lawson and Fenning. But my good friend, Mark, recommended that I not use this color because it would "close in" my living room. Instead, I collected many other paint chips ranging from off-white to charcoal. I settled in the end on Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore. My friends, Ivy and Waiyi, inquired, "are you sure you want to go that dark?" Being bold (and also because I'd already purchased two gallons of the paint!), I answered, Yes.

What I didn't realize in going so dark was that none of my furniture, flooring, or ceiling is modern to match the charcoal and heathery tones of Dior Gray. In any case, here is the result. I welcome suggestions on how to (inexpensively) enhance the ceiling color or create throw pillows to make this work better.

Next time, I think I will play it extra safe with something like a beige-gray or very light off-white gray.

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  1. It looks nice in the photo with the accents of the throw and orchid! I would go with that and add a large, strong, warm color accent. Perhaps a rug? You were also thinking drapes, weren't you?