Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maggie Miguel: A Corporate American Employee

I had the opportunity to see the talented Maggie Miguel's one woman show at Acme Comedy and am just now getting to write a thoughtful review. Ms. Miguel is an accomplished actress whose most recent credit is the romantic comedy, "Adonis," a David Dibble film now in post-production. Little did I know that Maggie is also a talented auteur, until I discovered that A Corporate American Employee was self-written.

Don't let Ms. Miguel's blond hair and good looks trick you into thinking this show isn't smart. It addresses everything from class differences, the inhumanity of mindless shoppers, presidential elections, and partisan politics. Although these topics sound potentially depressing and too serious for a comedy, Maggie's delivery, especially through her physical performance, made me laugh non-stop.

Let me not forget to mention another type of performing art that you will enjoy in this show, and that is, the art of DANCE. A classically-trained dancer in ballet (and just about every other type of dance that exists!), you get to see a taste of this during Maggie's dance-monologue that involves no spoken words. Yes, that's right, a dance-monologue involving no words. If you don't understand what I mean by the last sentence, go see the show so that you do! You won't be disappointed.

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